Ken Bellamy September - 6 - 2011 13 COMMENTS

Preliminary manufacturing of an inovative “Instant Food Waste Conversion Unit” known as Bio-Regen is now complete. The unit was launched in Penang, Malaysia on 31st July 2011. The launching ceremony was officiated by government Member Mr YB Phee, who is responsible for waste and social issues in Penang. At the Launch, the Rotary Club of Georgetown presented a Bio-Regen unit to the state government [..] 

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Ken Bellamy February - 11 - 2011 28 COMMENTS

Plans are moving ahead for the manufacture of Bio-Regen units this includes testing them as an on-site digestion process capable of meeting European standards for conversion of organics to agriculture. We expect this to involve the installation of approximately 40 units in 4 countries over the next 3 months.  

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Ken Bellamy October - 14 - 2010 32 COMMENTS

Soil carbon is a hot topic these days and much has been made of the fact that building soil carbon reserves adds structure and health to our soils.  There is little doubt that declines in soil carbon levels have run parallel with declining yields over an extended period in Australian agriculture. An important reason for this parallel decline is the fact that soil carbon represents a reserve bank of nutrient [..] 

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Ken Bellamy September - 10 - 2010 2 COMMENTS

We are seeing significant progress towards the linking of recycled organics and soil improvement on a large scale. This is an exciting process and we are looking forward to legilsative and policy support from the new Gillard Government which gives depth to this linkage.  

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Ken Bellamy July - 30 - 2010 92 COMMENTS

Food 4 Thoughts VRM has joined a group that will: A. Pre-process organic material from commercial outlets (restaurants) in Townsville …VRM has partnered with a new venture I am starting called “Bio-Regen”.   Bio-Regen produces a unit to turn all organic material (food scraps, serviettes, etc) from the restaurant into a type of soup which is collected from the restaurant.  We have already [..] 

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